Learn why Alignment is important and how to achieve it in this quick digest.

Helping AEC professionals thrive in demanding environments by aligning their personal and professional lives.

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The Align Program is a journey that Reclamation Collaborative’s clients go through to identify what they want their best life to look like, define what they will have when they live it, discover how they are stopping themselves from achieving it, and develop a plan and support system to lean on as they embrace living life on their terms by being the authentic version of themselves.


Acknowledge what you want and why.


Learn who you are now and how your actions are misaligned with what you want.


Ignite the authentic you.

Game Plan

Game Plan the actions and resources you need to live the life you want.


Nourish your plan through refinement, support, and accountability.

“Jeff's perspective always sets me on the right track, and the method he uses applies in both business and life matters.”

—Alina K.| Managing Partner, Talent Optimization Strategist

At Reclamation Collaborative,

We believe it is possible to live the life YOU want without sacrifice or regret.

Do you have any regrets or feel like you have sacrificed anything?

Are you living life on your terms?

Have you achieved what others consider success, but still feel like something is missing?

Does happiness always seem to be just beyond reach?

THE ALIGN PROGRAM will help you

If you find yourself answering YES to any of these questions


Paul B.

Partner, Architect
“I used to feel overwhelmed when I would consider my to do list: from managing employees / HR, deadlines, business operations, business development, to my family / personal life. I couldn’t sleep. I was always worrying. I was feeling helpless. Working with Jeff has given me the tools that now allow me to manage my work and personal life more efficiently and with a sense of control. His guidance has honed my focus and in-turn allowed me to be a better business leader.”

Brandon Hunsaker

Mechanical Engineer
“Jeff is amazing, he is so kind and patient yet holds me accountable so that I don't hold myself back. I am amazed how wonderful of a listener he is, and how he remembers small details from past conversations and brings them up again in future discussions. He is very personable and easy to talk to. I trust that what I say he will respect and strive to understand while still giving me honest wisdom to help guide me. I am grateful for how he has helped me to learn how to manage my fear and have the courage to work past various barriers that have held me back from the life I want to live. If you are earnest about improving any area of your life, I recommend that you get in contact with Jeff Visnic.”

Alina K.

Managing Partner, Talent Optimization Strategist
“I am beyond grateful to have Jeff as my coach. He is not only extremely patient, qualified, and a great listener, but one of the most focused and dedicated people I have met in a long time. His perspective always sets me on the right track, and the method he uses applies in both business and life matters. Every session is re-energizing and supportive. I believe anybody can benefit from working with Jeff, for a lifetime!”

Talk with Reclamation Collaborative to determine if this program is right for you.


We use this tool to aid in defining the life you want, and track your progress in building that life.
The Alignment Cube is a simple but powerful tool that helps you visualize and account for all of the important elements of your life at once. As you participate in life, you seek to align all of the different elements in the way that works best for you in the moment. There are many different ways that the puzzle can be solved to reach alignment, and at different times in our life we focus on each of the elements with varying levels of significance and intensity.

Evaluate where you are today, and where you want to be.



We all seek balance; the only time we find it is when we aren’t moving. Only when we have Alignment can we step forward as the authentic version of ourselves.

— Jeff Visnic


The way we live our lives is completely within our control. It is defined by the choices that we do and don’t make on a daily basis. If there are any parts of your life that you aren’t happy with, you can either choose not to address them and remain frustrated and/or disappointed, or you can choose to tackle them head on and make changes. Let’s connect and see if I can help support you in aligning the life you want with who you are.
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