“I was ready to tear apart every element of my life and start over…
until I found alignment.

Hi, I’m Jeff

I am a Certified Fearless Living Coach and Trainer. I provide the skills and tools people need to identify what is important to them and what makes it important and the support and accountability to help them figure out how to integrate more of those elements into their lives.

I believe it is an impossible dream to achieve happiness through so-called work/life balance.  I tried for a long time to find it in the construction industry as I worked hard and became a Vice President, Principal and Practice Leader of a successful, growing office of an MEP consulting engineering firm. However, my life outside of work was falling apart around me. Only when I started focusing on finding alignment in my personal and professional lives did things start to really turn around for me.  

We each have a limited amount of energy and focus at any given time and where we choose to apply it is often where we thrive. The downside to being so focused on one element of our lives is that the other aspects of our life can be left behind. When we prioritize who and what is most important to us and identify the value we derive from each person or thing, then we can develop and stick to a mindset and a plan that helps us create a life that is in alignment with our vision, purpose and passions.  

Years of Experience as an Engineer in the Construction Industry
$ 0 M
Growth of Revenues in 3 years at MEPT Firm as Practice Leader
Years serving on Executive Leadership Teams in AEC Firms
0 +
Led and managed office of 40+ AEC employees

I had achieved professional success, but there is another side to my story.

My own struggles trying to find happiness in my late thirties and the joy I have found gives me the confidence to know that I can help be a guide for others.  It was at this breaking point that I was ready to tear apart every aspect of my life and start over! Not knowing any better, I had focused on building a life that was familiar to my upbringing and had not paid attention to what was important to me.  There were many positive things in my life – a successful career, a great wife, two kids and a house in the suburbs.  I was living the proverbial American Dream.  Something was off, and I could not figure out what because I did not have a clear vision of what I wanted my life to look like.  I didn’t know what my purpose was and I had lost my passion for what I was doing. Happiness seemed to be just out of reach, but I “knew” that if I just worked a little bit harder, I could get there.  After doubling down my efforts, happiness remained elusive.  What was I doing wrong?  Starting over seemed to be my only option.  With anger and frustration boiling up inside of me, I thought that the destruction of my career, family and social life was inevitable. To this day, I consider myself extremely lucky that the only thing I lost was my job before discovering a different way to view and live life.

Little did I know, as I started to consider my next job search, that I would stumble not only upon a second career, but also a key to understanding what had been getting in the way of being who I wanted to be.  I learned what the important elements of my life were, and how I could move them into alignment.  

If you are frustrated or disappointed with any aspect of your life and want to discover the key to help you Step Into Alignment, you are in the right place.


These statements make up a broad philosophy that encompasses my personal beliefs and values that I practice living my life by every day.  I use these as a basis for the decisions I make, the way I act, and how I treat others.  I use them as a yardstick by which I can measure whether I am truly living a life that is in alignment. 


Be genuine and sincere in everything you do, regardless of the outcome.


Communicate in a thoughtful, honest and clear way that promotes understanding and action.


Strive each day to become an evolved version of yourself.


Dedicate yourself to executing whatever you have chosen to put in front of you in this moment.


Care deeply about what you do, how you do it, who you do it with, and who you do it for.

If the answer to any of those questions is no, and you are ready to live a life that aligns with the authentic version of you, don’t hesitate – schedule your free vision session with Jeff now.

“Before starting, I was skeptical of whether or not I would get much out of the program. I worried that I wouldn’t have enough time for it, and wondered how I could possibly put the details of my life out there for someone to see. Since the very first session, though, Jeff has helped me understand how to start living fearlessly.”

- Kristin C. | Middle School Teacher


The way we live our lives is completely within our control. It is defined by the choices that we do and don’t make on a daily basis. If there are any parts of your life that you aren’t happy with, you can either choose not to address them and remain frustrated and/or disappointed, or you can choose to tackle them head on and make changes. Let’s connect and see if I can help support you in aligning the life you want with who you are.
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